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WHY: We believe in sharing the passion for ‘life on the water’ and the freedom that it gives, in all that we do for our clients and our team.
HOW: By really listening to and respecting our clients opinions and by doing our job well, we save time, money, frustration and stress. Our clients get great confidence and certainty that they will achieve their goals.

Case Study : Heavy Lift & Lash Down Solutions : PMG Stacker / Reclaimer


Principal Particulars

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A total of five roll on roll off operations were undertaken for the transportation of mining equipment from Townsville to Abbott Point. NaAust provided the stability and trim calculations for each voyage and the load on / offs at each end. Load restraints placements were also undertaken.

Case Study : Ship Designs : P1987 – 12 m Fast Landing Craft (FLC) Catamaran


Principal Particulars

Length, Lo/a : 12.45 m
Length, Lm : 11.95 m
Beam : 4.0 m
Beam Single Hull, Bs : 1.0 m
Depth : 1.3 m
Cruising speed : 20 knots

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Fuel Capacity : 2 x 900 L

After a few enquiries about our 12 m FLC we have put together a revised model for a prospective Scandinavian client. This edition has a slightly larger beam with a fully enclosed cabin for colder climates.