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Lady Musgrave Island Pontoon 1

P179 Mooring Plan

Principal Particulars

Date : 2008
Survey Class : USL 2010 1E
Length, Lo/a : 20.00 metres
Depth : 2.15 metres
Draught : 1.25 metres
Displacemenet : 35 tonnes (full load)

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Beautiful Lady Musgrave Island has a 20m Tourist Pontoon moored inside the lagoon close to the island. In the past this pontoon had drag embedment anchors & dumper blocks to hold it in place but after a couple of cyclones where these dragged the owners came to us to design a more permanent system. We did this using 6m long steel spears driven into the ocean floor.

A second pontoon is planned for the lagoon now and as part of the approval process we have to be able to reasonably predict the scope of pontoon movement as shown in the above diagram.