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P1109 Multi angle Ramp

P1109 Articulated Ramp 2

Principal Particulars

Date : 2011
Survey Class : AS4100, AS1554
Length, Lo/a : 12.9 metres
Beam : 4.80 metres
Depth : 1.54 metres
Displacemenet : 20 tonnes

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One of the variables when working on projects that involve heavy haulage trucks loading and unloading on to barges is the tidal range and how that affects ramp angles and in turn the under body clearance of trucks on steep angle changes. We were asked to design and approve a set of ramps that could change its angle to suit various landing barges are various stages of the tide. The unit had to operate reliably in corrosive salt environment as it would also be partially submerged at times. Working closely with our clients construction team a very effective design was created using heavy duty air bags to raise and lower the ramp.