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P506 V83 Loading Trim Sequence


Principal Particulars

Date : 2008
Survey Class : USL 2010 2C/1E
Length, Lo/a : 35.0 metres
Beam : 12.0 metres
Depth : 3.90 metres
Draught : 2.77 metres
Displacemenet : 1190 tonnes (full load)

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The only way to relocate large plant and equipment sometimes is by sea. In this case a 385 Tonne Autoclave was to be relocated from Newcastle, NSW to Esperance in Western Australia with its voyage across the Great Australian Bight where it could be in seas in excess of 10m wave height.

Part of the project was to document how the barge would trim as the Autoclave came on to and off the barge. As it turned out we concluded that the barge would ground on the rocks underneath it so the bottom had to be reinforced to prevent the sharp rocks puncturing the shell.