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Ocean Prowler 10500

Well here it is folks, the OP10500 !

One of our old clients has returned to us to for a new design for his retirement. The same as his previous model, only BIGGER!. Keith had previously bought our OP9400 for his charter fishing business. See picture below of “Incredible”.
He was so happy with the OP9400 for its for low power cruise speed and stability that he couldn’t go past us for the new boat but of a bigger area for the the long cruises.

He did tell me that he did have a look around at other designers for a “budget” design but in the end he came back to us for a design that he could trust.

We are by no means the cheapest for a design package ( we don’t intend or pretend to be either) but we do offer value for the dollar spent as well as a comprehensive construction package.

Anyway, the construction drawings are done, the cut files have been issued for pricing and Keith is looking to select a builder. The build is expected to start in July.

Principal Particulars
Hull Length = 10.50m
Beam = 3.30m
Depth = 0.850 m
Power = 2 x 250 hp O/B

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